A Worthy Point

Sometimes a moment in the field with your dog needs to be noted and remembered, not because it led to something grand or because it wrapped up something amazing, but just because of what it is; an instant standing on its own without a story wrapped around it.

Patty and I were hunting pheasants earlier this week and he gave me this gem. We didn’t get the rooster but who cares about that detail?

2 thoughts on “A Worthy Point

  1. Hey Dale,

    Glad to see you’re still enjoy the great outdoors. Life up here in Sonoma has been good. Family is well and we have been enjoying the down time in the wine country. So far, we have avoided any major issues with the CV.

    Lets plan to reconnect when this shit show is over.

    All the best for a nice holiday.




  2. I was looking up Rita Blanca Grasslands when I found a photo of Patty there and, of course, had to check out the dog. I’m not a hunter but I love dogs and wide open spaces and I have enjoyed my visit to your website. I haven’t been able to have a dog for a couple of years so I thank you for the great photos, videos and stories.


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