Two Sisters for Patty: #2 – Parker

While Sister #1 Posey is supposed to be the lap dog, Sister #2 Parker is destined to become our next hunting dog.

That’s a pretty cute collar for a hunting dog!

She flew in yesterday around noon from New York City and we first met at Delta Cargo at SFO.  She appeared to be in pretty good shape, stressed of course from the long journey, but her crate was pretty clean and a Delta employee was giving her water when I arrived.  After loading up her crate I started giving her all the loving that she’d missed on her nine hour adventure.

Parker comes to us from Paint River Llewellins.  I’m not a big follower of pedigrees and bloodlines but I’m glad that Kyle at Paint River is.  He is committed to the Llewellin breed but also to his own strict character and performance requirements.  As it happens Parker and Patty share some branches on their family trees so that’s kinda cool too.

Time will tell how Parker fairs in our home environment and in the hunting fields and coverts.  For now, she’s settling in nicely, playing with Posey and following big brother Patty around the yard.  I’d say that’s a pretty good first day.

Patty tolerating Parker’s investigations.

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