PATTY OUTDOORS:  Patty Outdoors is an ongoing collection of outdoor writing, images, audio and video.  Although he’s not a part of every single adventure chronicled here, Patty is the central character in most.  (He doesn’t do well in a tree stand and so doesn’t get invited deer hunting.)  He’s been the subject of photographs and videos all along the way and that doesn’t seem to be changing.  The best ones should show up here regularly.

When Patty isn’t invited along, the Patty Outdoors team still creates outdoor content and you’ll find that here too.




PATTY:  Patty is a Llewellyn Setter.  He was born in Nov 2013 and all that he’s really ever wanted to do is hunt birds.  Whether it is at a California pheasant hunting club or on a Saskatchewan prairie, Patty is clearly in his element in the uplands.




DALE:  Dale Jantzen carries a gun or bow or camera on most excursions.  He is the primary writer and videographer for Patty Outdoors.  He also feeds Patty most days.





RON:  Ron Vanderheiden is a fellow enthusiast of bird hunting, bow hunting, dog training and outdoor media.  He can hit a pheasant with that bow!  He’s offered dog training and photography tips right from the start and has been a willing cameraman on many, many occasions.




BRETT:  Brett Jantzen is the audio engineer on the team.  He records and engineers sound and mixes the audio tracks.  Brett also feeds Patty when Dale isn’t around.




TOD:  Tod Hays is allergic to dogs.  Seriously.  But he’s got his own fish pond, is the real bow hunting talent and has the best southern drawl on the team.