Oak Canyon Community Park Archery Range

Practice and repetition is crucial for archery and, I’m learning, for videography as well. Patty and I had an hour to kill while in Southern California last week so we checked out a neighborhood park with an archery range. I wanted to pull back the bow a few times but also to test the remote control feature on my GoPro.


Oak Canyon Community Park is located in Oak Park, Ca. The park consists of three non-contiguous pieces of property but all are in the general vicinity of the Oak Park Community Center. The archery range is just behind the Community Center and Patty and I parked there in one of a few shaded spots.  No dogs are allowed of course so we took a walk together first, then I went on alone to the range.


Community Center staff were friendly and helpful.  They told me that the range is used primarily for lessons and group activities but it is open to the public and there are some local archers who shoot there regularly.  If you are shooting a compound bow, I recommend bringing a target as the straw bales don’t have a lot of stopping power. Most re-curve shooters should be fine.

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