Road Trip – Kelvington, SK

From Saskatoon, Patty and I headed east to meet up with another friend Marc Patenaud of Clearview Outfitting in Kelvington, SK. Marc guides waterfowl and bear hunters in the Greenwater Lake region.

I was also meeting my bowhunting partner Tod and, for the first time in my experience, both of Tod’s brothers, Lee and Wes would be joining us. When Patty and I arrived, Marc and all three brothers were out for the evening hunt so Patty and I took a drive in the country and enjoyed the northern prairie sights.

Big sky in Saskatchewan!

Living in California for so long has almost made me forget how big the sky is in the prairies. There is nothing like a partly cloudy evening with the sun shining between the clouds to remind you.

Patty discovers some big country too.

Of course, there is a lot of big country to go along with all that sky. I don’t think that Patty could quite believe it. He quickly figured out that every little puddle had a pair of nesting Canada Geese and I’m sure he wondered why I wasn’t as excited about that as he was.

Long spring days gave us lots of daylight hours for exploring.

Since it was springtime, the days were getting longer. The sun didn’t set until after 8:30PM and it was light again before 4:00AM! Patty and I had plenty of daylight hours to explore the fields and fence rows around Marc’s yard and lodge.

Patty waits for permission to keep on hunting.  “It’s early,” he’s thinking.


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