Burney Mule Deer

While hunting quail in Shasta County earlier this month, we came across a group of ten mule deer.  They were pretty calm so I was able to close the distance to them fairly easily, even while carrying a camera and tripod.


Near the coast, we’re used to seeing California black-tails, a smaller sub-species, so these inland mule deer, with the same coloring and look, seemed huge to me in comparison.

There was one buck in the group.  He was young and not yet carrying a lot of mass but he was a pretty 4×4, almost perfectly square and perfectly symmetrical.

They were all grazing, mostly on the sage brush, and were only marginally interested in my approach.  For 30 minutes I inched closer until I breached their perceived safe-zone and one-by-one they slowly  migrated off, stage right.

It was a real treat to watch them and was one of the highlights of a great hunt.  Enjoy the short video!

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