We got some sad news this week.  Patty’s big sister Penny collapsed.  She’s eleven but had been healthy.  With an overnight stay at the vet and a procedure she seemed OK again.  Unfortunately, after some tests and an ultrasound, we found out that she has cancer in the muscle tissue of her heart.  The outcome is certain although the timing is not known; could be a few months, could be a few hours.

Our family has been gathering around and giving her lots of extra love (and treats.)  For my part, I did what any loving, caring, hunting dog owner would do.  I took her out to the fields of our pheasant club for a little walk-about.

I carried a camera, not a gun.  I knew that we wouldn’t be going far.


I don’t want to load Penny up with a bunch of human personifications.  That line of thinking is more for our benefit than for hers.  Still, she seemed pretty happy out there today.  Lots of scents and sights that just maybe triggered a few memories and gave her a little pleasure.

She walked for about fifteen minutes and that seemed to be enough for today.  She then circled back to the truck and laid down in the grass.  Maybe next week we’ll head out again.  For now she’s resting at my feet in the office while I’m typing up these thoughts.  Good girl Penny!


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