Patty and I were back in The City today.  This time we took a socialization walk along Fisherman’s Wharf, weaving in and out of the crowds and dodging the bikes, cars and Segways.

I like to expose Patty to new places, sights, noises and smells and Fisherman’s Wharf provides plenty of each.  There were flashing lights, traffic, balloon animals and even a bubble machine.  The street vendors, the tourists and even the wax museum hawker could all be hollering at once.  And the smells coming from the alleys behind the seafood eateries were beyond description.

I imagined that all of that new stimuli might have been a little stressful so after a while we ducked out onto one of the piers, where the crowds thinned out nicely.

Patty immediately locked onto one of the local pigeons.  He remained frozen but for his slowly turning head as the pigeon calmly walked away along the railing.

A tourist passed us and politely asked, “Oh, does he like the birds?”

Indeed he does.


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