Santa Cruz Mountains

Patty came along on a day trip into the Santa Cruz Mountains earlier this week.  The range extends down the San Francisco peninsula from The City to the Monterrey Bay.  I had some work to do near Santa Cruz so Patty waited in the truck.

When the work was done, we went for a walk.  Well I walked and Patty ran of course.  He’s always hunting, looking, listening and sniffing for birds.  He loves his job.

Patty looking out over the steep cliffs.

There were steep cliffs in the area so I kept Patty close with verbal commands and even put him on a lead in some of the riskier spots.

It’s always great spending time with Patty outdoors and when I can, I carry a camera too.  I took a little video on this trip so you can see Patty exploring for yourself.  Enjoy!


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