My old schoolmate and good friend Bill took Patty and I out for a few hours of fun in the brush and rolling hills along the South Saskatchewan River, just outside of Saskatoon.

Patty getting some free love from his new best friend Bill.

First he showed Patty and I around on his farm and then got us permission to roam his neighbor’s property too.  Patty didn’t need an orientation, he was off and running immediately!

New terrain?  No problem.

It’s easy for Patty to “heel” in the yard at home but in the field he’d rather be off hunting. So it’s good practice for Patty and for me to work on “heeling” in this distracting environment too.


After Bill gave him a quick drink, Patty headed off into the brush once more and this time he located his first Ruffed Grouse! We definitely have to come back here during hunting season.

Patty’s first Ruffed Grouse!

Enjoy the video of our visit!

2 thoughts on “Road Trip – Saskatoon, SK

  1. You should use “Running Back to Saskatoon” as the background music on this one, I think a 29 second sample is acceptable as fair use for non-commercial purposes.


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