Road Trip – Turner, MT

On the third day of our road trip we were heading for the Canadian border crossing between Turner, MT and Climax, SK. State route 241 continues north from Turner about a dozen miles to the border but about halfway there, I turned off onto Boyer Road.

Road sign in some seriously big country.

This is big country with grass all the way to the horizon in almost every direction. I knew that this was a chunk of public ground there where Patty could get a good run before we tackled the main part of our planned drive for the day.

Patty figuring out just how big this country really is.

Boyer Road is not much more than a 2-track over the prairie and there were signs restricting off-road driving so I just parked off to the side and Patty and I headed out into the prairie grasses on foot.

Patty’s feathers flowing in the prairie wind.

We wandered around for about an hour and, during that span, kicked up a pair of sharp tailed grouse and then later a flock of 18 more. It was an exciting moment and I wondered what it would be like to return here in the fall. The birds had flushed at 50 or more yards so hunting them would no doubt be a challenge. I’d love to give it a try someday and I know that Patty would too.

Approaching the border at the Turner, MT/Climax, SK crossing.

When Patty was done running and had had his fill of water, we loaded up and headed north to the Canadian border.

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