Road Trip – Diefenbaker Lake, SK

Patty and I had one more stop in Saskatchewan before we started the long drive home.  Another set of long term friends had agreed to meet up for a day of fishing at Diefenbaker Lake.

Darrell has a home at one of the villages set against the hundred mile long man-made prairie lake.  He invited Patty and I to join him, David and Norm for a day on the water.

Patty had never been on a boat before and I was a little concerned about how he’d do.  After all, when he first came into our family he got terribly car sick every time we went anywhere with him.  Thankfully he’s gotten over that and he was fine in the boat too.  We only took one break to let Patty stretch his legs out on shore in what turned out to be a nearly eight hour day.


The day started out sunny and warm but the wind was up and by the afternoon we had clouds and even a little rain.  The boys were not deterred and by the time we turned for home, there were a handful of fish in the well and as many others had been released to grow a while and maybe be caught again.

We caught northern pike, walleye, perch and sauger, quite a mixed bag.  Patty wasn’t very interested in the fish.  For the most part he kept his eyes on the shore and on every passing duck, goose or seagull.

Thanks Darrell for hosting us and thanks too for being patient with Patty and me in the boat.  David and Norm, thank you both for humoring me and letting me run cameras in your faces all day long.  Here is a montage of a bunch of images from the day.  Enjoy.


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