Road Trip – Dry Fork Road, MT

If you look at a map of Montana, you’ll notice that the area around Fort Peck Lake is strangely empty. There are few roads and fewer paved. There are no towns. Presumably the Missouri River and the river breaks along it were enough of a terrain barrier that crossings were few and far between.

As Patty and I were heading south along Montana state route 191, I noticed a pull out with some BLM signage. Patty needed a break from the long drive so I pulled over onto Dry Fork Road.


Dry Fork Road is one of the ways into the rangelands of southern Philips County. We went in just a few miles, pulled over and Patty went for a run. He was intrigued by a prairie dog hole but when no prairie dog joined, his interest waned and he was off running again.


There was a Philips County sign that listed sharp-tailed grouse, pheasant, partridge and sage grouse as local huntable species so I’ve got one more place to investigate and, perhaps, a return trip to plan.


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