Ron and I planned to take the dogs out for a run today at one of the California State Wildlife Areas near San Luis Reservoir.  We drove all the way down there before remembering that that they are closed to off-lease dog activities for three months each year, April, May and June.  D’oh!


The restriction is intended to protect ground nesting birds like ducks and quail.  Makes perfect sense, we just forgot until we were there and reading the signs.  That won’t happen again.

Thankfully Ron isn’t shy and it didn’t take much asking before he had found us a different little corner of grassy California hillside where the dogs could stretch their legs for a while.


Patty and I have been reviewing the “heel” command lately so we worked on that for a bit too.  It is always good to practice the old familiar commands on new, unfamiliar ground.

Eventually we turned this stop into an impromptu photo shoot.  The early summer day provided a wonderful blue sky, classic golden hills and enough deep green oak trees for some beautiful backdrops.  Of course, in my humble opinion, Patty makes a pretty nice foreground subject too.

Nice work Ron and thanks for the photos!


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