Road Trip – Echo Canyon, UT

Patty and I stopped in Echo Canyon, UT for a stretch late in the day. Interstate 80 runs down through the canyon from near the Wyoming border to the old town of Echo at the I80/I84 split.

There are many places to pull over off of Echo Canyon Road to enjoy the view and to hike up the side canyons. But the easy access means there can be lots of people there too. We came through on a Monday evening and there were already rock climbers and target shooters at several locations. Regardless, it didn’t take long for us to find a spot all to ourselves at “Death’s Rock.”

Patty immediately started exploring while I made my way slowly up the side canyon. It really was a great spot and Patty had a blast. It was the perfect way to tire him out for one last night in a hotel because tomorrow we planned to make a big push and drive the rest of the way home.

One thought on “Road Trip – Echo Canyon, UT

  1. My brother says you should be getting tons of something with all the articles you’re doing

    I forget what he said but he was even impressed when I told him how much stuff you’re cranking out

    Enjoy Europe look forward to your return Ron.

    Ron T. VanderHeiden 510 708-7001



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