Proofing the Whoa Command

Patty, staunch in the training yard.

Proofing is the process of testing a dog under different and difficult conditions.  It is not teaching.  Patty already knows what “whoa” means and he is willing to stop in his tracks and remain motionless in the calm and quiet of the training yard.  However, in new locations and new circumstances he can be distracted and he might forget his training.

In this video, I try out a few different ways to distract Patty.  We go out into the field with other dogs and with guns and birds too.  Sometimes Patty holds steady and staunch just like we want him to but in other cases he moves.  Then it’s back to our training techniques, a quick e-collar correction and give him another chance to succeed.

It’s all in the name of fun and safety of course.  Patty and I love spending the time together and as we gain confidence in each other, we become a better and safer hunting team.


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