Cimarron National Grassland

One of the places that Patty and I stopped to visit during our trip to Kansas was the Cimarron National Grassland in the southwest corner of the state.  It is managed by the USDA Forest Service, is comprised of over 100,000 acres and is open for hunting.

The Cimarron Ranger Station sign in Elkhart, KS

We chose an area solely by its proximity to the highway because we only had a few hours.  We drove in about two miles and stopped at one of the oil wells that were scattered about.  Patty is always hunting and I’d heard reports that there were quail there but I decided to carry my camera, not a gun, on our walk.

Patty exploring one of the Cimarron Nation Grassland access roads.

Patty had a great time bounding through the sage and between the yucca plants.  Sometimes he’d disappear for a while until I’d see him again, in the distance, springing up above the cover.

Patty hopping up above the cover.

We’d love to come back and explore more of the terrain that Cimarron has to offer.  And when we do, we’ll take more time, and maybe do some camping and hunting too.



4 thoughts on “Cimarron National Grassland

  1. The CNG is one of my most favorite places to hunt and camp. Typically bobs are found along the river corridor, and scaled quail on the grasslands. Pheasants are scattered about. For those camping, one has the option to camp at the campground OR, pick any place in the CNG! Heading their a day after Christmas for a quick hunt for blue quail.


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