Fishing Belize

The annual boys trip to Belize went off without a hitch last week.  Patty stayed at his favorite kennel while went off for a week of fun.  Of course I missed him but it was great to see a bunch of old friends and to make some new ones too.  Thanks to Don for hosting us at his home on Ambergris Caye again.

I took a couple of days to go fishing in the flats south and west of San Pedro.  I decided to stick with spin tackle this time around but one day I’ll be back to repeat this with a fly rod.

Fish on!

Regardless, I had a fantastic time.  The local guides were great hosts and willing teachers too.  They’d unfailingly put the boat in the right position for an easy cast and often a bite!  By the end of the second day they had me believing that I was spotting the feeding schools myself.

I was fortunate enough to catch about a dozen Bonefish on each day.  I also pulled in a half dozen other fish including, with a bit of blind luck, a lovely Permit!

My first Permit!

I’ll end this post with a cautionary tale.  On day two I was fishing with a buddy.  When he switched over to a fly rod I headed to the back of the boat, got out the camera and started taking some shots.  I’d already had my fill of fishing and besides, I wanted to give him plenty of room.

I’d just set the camera down and put my sun glasses back on when I heard a big crack and felt a sharp smack in the face!  It took an instant before I realized what had happened.

He’d been fishing at the front of the boat, generally working his line side to side and then casting to port.  As the boat drifted around the anchor and the school of Bonefish slowly moved away, the angle of the cast could change slightly.  Then, one time mid-cast, our guide pointed out the freshest sign right in front of the boat.  The backstroke at the new angle brought the fly right over the boat and bang, right into my glasses!


Thank goodness for those Maui Jim’s!  I got a good scare and a broken lens but no other damage.  If I hadn’t been wearing them, who knows, maybe a new eyebrow piercing?


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