Belize Iguanas

There is an empty lot next to my friend Don’s house on Ambergris Caye in Belize.  It has some piles of concrete and wood from old construction projects, long grown over, weathered and torn down by the jungle and the sea-salted air.  It is the perfect place to find and photograph the local iguanas.


Iguanas are plentiful on the island.  A morning run along the beach always includes a few sightings as they scurry out of your path.  But those guys are frightened, in a hurry and not very photogenic.  The iguanas in the overgrown empty lot however are a bit less wary and therefore seem to be a bit more approachable.


During my week in Belize, I spent several mornings slowly moving around the lot with tripod and camera inching up on the beasts, testing their tolerance and finding the point where they’d run for cover under a piece of old concrete wall or wooden dock section.


I liked the results enough to post them here.  I hope that you enjoy them too.

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