Patty had a chance to hunt with another setter the other day. Jay and his twelve year-old son Jared are regulars at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve and their Gordon Setter Percy has hunted up a lot of pheasants for them there and on annual trips to South Dakota.

Percy hunting ’em up!

We arranged a late-May chukar hunt together and, since Hastings is closed in June every year, it would be our season ending hunt as well. Patty and I were happy to have the chance to hunt one more time and to meet new folks and a new dog too.

Since Jarad was not carrying a gun, he agreed to be our cameraman for a while. He was a pleasure to hunt with, was always thinking safety-first and got some good shots too! Thanks Jarad.


It was great fun watching Patty and Percy together in the field. They were both all business and complemented each other well. Percy tended to work a little closer while I let Patty range a bit further out. Throughout the day we saw both dogs display good noses finding birds. We saw honoring and double points too. On a couple of occasions we had dogs simultaneously pointing different birds.

Two noses are better than one!
Percy honoring Patty’s point.

Jay and I managed to knock a few down so we saw the dogs “hunt dead” and some fine retrieving work too.

Jay and Percy combined on this one.
Patty makes a retrieve.

Good dog-work and good company; all in all a fun way to end the long season at HIHP.

Percy and Patty after a great day and a great season.

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